Miser Kuonji
IMG 29241 waifu2x art noise1 tta 1
Also Known As Zombie Queen
Biographical Info
Gender Female
Birthplace  ??
Age 17-18
Hair Color reddishbrown
Eye Color goldden
Affiliation Info
Allies Stella
Enemies most of the kuonji sibblings
Weapon unconfirmed
Status alive
Manga Debut volume 3

Miser Kuonji is the second eldest female in the Kuonji family

Personality Edit

Miser is a socially awkward teenager with low self confidence/self esteam. She's very knowledgable about reptiles and science in general. Of the sibblings she does seem friendly and rather passive towards the rest of her family.

Apperance Edit

Miser generally has messy unkept reddish-brown hair and wears glasses.her regular clothing style is sweats, baggy type clothing, compfy at home clothes.

Her zombie queen attire is rather similar to a white nurse's uniform complete with a scarlet colored chainsaw. Her hair is also styled rather than messy, and she wears make up.

Biography Edit


Trivia Edit

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