Marè Kuonji
久遠寺 海 (Kuonji Marè)
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Also Known As Merciless Nun
Biographical Info
Gender Biologically Male
Birthplace Russia
Age presumably 15-18
Hair Color Blue
Eye Color Grey
Affiliation Info
Allies Sol
Enemies Females, Kuonji siblings that arn't Sol
Occupation Unknown
Weapon Water manipulation
Status Deceased
Manga Debut Chapter 8

Marè Kuonji is one of the 9 siblings in the Kuonji family. Sol and Marè are twins and the only two confirmed related by blood

Personality Edit

Marè is rather rude and self-centered for the most part. Marè is not one to give second chances so first impression is highly important for how they will treat you from then onward.

Of all the 'children' in the Kuonji household, Marè hates Stella the most. This is due to their 'first' meeting.

Though as to why Marè dresses like a female and looks like a girl themself is currently unknown. When seeing something they clearly don't approve of, they have a habit of throwing water at the thing/person

Apperance Edit

Marè has waist length long straight blue hair and pale grey eyes along with a beautymark beneath their right eye. their usually wearing a nun-like lolita style outfit or something similar with a pair of cross hair-clips on their bangs.

Biography Edit

In Marè's home country they were presumably from a family of three (a father was never mentioned). One day Marè was attacked by a stray dog and bitten baddly on the face, it is shown in the flash back that Sol was there but kept his back turned as if he didn't see nor hear anything. This caused their mother to cut off Marè's hair and make them sit outside so people would pity Marè and give them money.

it's unknown how the twins got to the kuonji estate but when they did Marè was seperated from Sol for a while before the first 'tea party' and was looking for their viel that they were using to hide the scar on their face. This was offically when Marè met Stella. Stella mistook Marè's silhouette for a 'dog' which shocked and upset Marè. Which turned into resentment and anger when Zeno appeared and reminded Stella that a big brother protects his sister. Marè was upset and angry because Sol was supposed to protect Marè but Sol didn't. This of course lead to Marè throwing a bucket of water at Stella when properly meeting her in the 'house' that Marè and Sol chose to live in within the estate.

As a child while out playing with Sol, Marè was attacked brutally by a stray dog. Crying and calling for Sol to come and help only to be seemingly ignored.

Marè ultimitly dies by electrocution while trying to use water manipulation to kill Bloody Alice (Stella).

Trivia Edit

  • Marè is Biologically male though their appearance is that of a female.
  • It is unconfirmed if Marè is trans or just prefers to cross-dress, and due to this the pronouns 'they/them/their' will be used until it is confirmed
  • currently it is confirmed in the offical translation that the family refers to Marè as a male / uses male pronouns. This might be due to them mostlikely using a gender-neutral term for 'I' (like 'boku' for example). in Japan usually how a character refers to themself is how their gender can be determined, though sometimes that isnt always the case.
  • Marè's hair is naturally that long as well, it is not a wig
  • Can manipulate water by turning it into sharp sword like spears to peirce their enemies

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