Clarie Kuonji
久遠寺 紅亞 (Clarie Kuonji)
Clarie illutration
Also Known As Red Riding Hood
Biographical Info
Gender Female
Birthplace Unknown
Age 16
Hair Color Light brown
Eye Color Brown
Affiliation Info
Allies Kokone, Melm
Enemies Stella, The rest of the Kuonji sibblings
Occupation Student
Weapon Ax
Status Deceased - chapter 6
Manga Debut chapter 1

Clarie Kuonji is the third daughter of the Kuonji family. She's one of the nine siblings and a supporting character in the seires.


Clarie seems level headed and childish most of the time. She speaks both politely and a bit like a cutesy child at times. She's shown to have a maternal side of her as well when it comes to people who are younger than her. Like Melm and Stella.

The only difference in her personality when she is 'Red Riding Hood' is that her Sociopathic side comes out more, which is part of her that she usually keeps hidden behind her childish facade.

Her Sociopathic side also has her act a little delusional. Refering to those who hurt her and her own biological mother as 'wolves', sewing a huge mouth with sharp teeth across their faces with thick red thread.


Clarie has light brown hair cut to just above her shoulders. She's 16 but is youthful looking for her age so does appear younger in appearance than Stella. Her eyes are a pale brown color.

her usual attire is either a plain blouse under a darker shaded simple dress, or a patterned dress. Often with or without hand sewn patches. Her 'tea party' attire consists of a bright red hooded cape, with a white blouse, a red corset and a red-white striped skirt. Along with red boots.


Clarie originally came from an abusive home. Her mother would both beat her and/or lock her inside a small cabinet for hours on end. Clarie lived in this home until presumably around the time she turned 9 or 10 years old. She ended up killing her own mother and later on a sexual offender. It's unknown as to why but she returned to the cabinet afterwards and this is when Kokone, the Kuonji butler saved her and brought her to be one of the adoption candidates for the Kuonji family.

She is killed by being stabbed in the heart with a knife by an unknown person after falling off the roof while fighting Stella.Her death was made to look like suicide.


  • The first kanji in Clarie's name "紅" means "red,crimson". reference to little red ridding hood and her murderous side that comes out. Her surname contains the kanji kuon "久遠" means "eternity", ji "寺" means "temple". her surname altogether means "temple of eternity".
  • Despite her murderous side, she still couldn't bring her self to kill Melm
  • It is unknown if her alter ego takes over her like 'Bloody Alice' does to Stella. it is also unknown if parts of her appearance change as well.